I miss the feeling of being loved, being in love.
What is love?
I miss the excitement of seeing the one I love.

I want to do this all over again...with you.

i want...

breakfast on sundays...waffles with strawberries n whipped cream
outdoor activities...walk in the park with the dog
going to the bookstore...to read books
going to the cafe...for a cup of nice hot chai

do u know what i want?


it's been a while

It's been a while since I blogged. A lot has been going on, vacation to Taiwan, school...decisions, changes with life...


Starbucks for u!

Enjoy!! and u are very welcome!


Spot the difference

What's new? What's new???

Been trying to follow the trend...CIRCLE lens!!! I think the one I have is DALI BROWN, it matched my natural brown color perfectly! My friends cant even tell.
I think there is a sale going on at circlelens2u.com. I am reserving my dough to purchase them at Taiwan. I heard I can get them with astigmatism prescribed ones at a cheaper price no doubt. Whooo I cant wait! I would be more than happy to help any US bloggers out there to get them at a cheaper price compared to the website. Leave me a msg and we can work something out. Please keep in mind that I am going to Taiwan August 2nd till 16th, so it wont be mailed out till after 16th.

I will be taking my GRE tomorrow at noon....FUG!!! I hope I get a good score so I dont have to retake it for the score I want. Shiettt! Wish me luck girls....


back to the 70s

Went to my man's company party last nite, the theme was 70s disco ball. It was extremely fun, lots of food and alcohol involved, enough said.

Have been pretty busy with class and recovering from my week long flu. I am preparing for my GRE exam which is next Thurs...flippin out....ergh, i hate exams like that. Hopefully, Ill be back with good news.

My dear friend Huihui gave birth to a baby boi on the 12th...very happy for her. She's been longing for her tummy to pop...

let the pics do the talking...



Sheesh...its been a while aye? LOTSA updates!!!
Was back home at NY for 2 wks, not much shopping, but we did do tons of antiques and furniture shopping which was a lotta fun. I managed to pick on of the furnitures for the new place...HAH!
Spent my birthday with my family, we ate at a brazilian restaurant a different one this time, not as good as the first one we went too.

I've been using the bb cream MISSHA shiny since I received it. I see a huge difference in my skin since i've been using bb cream makeup. SCINIC, MISSHA and THE FACE SHOP feels really light on my face, just like i have no makeup on. Even my mom thought i didnt have makeup on. When taking pictures, definitely no two tone differences on my face and neck. Have you guys picked up bb creams today???

New school semester = new phone!! LG EnV

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Also, my dad gave me a new camera and a new watch...

Once i figure out how to upload pics from my camera to the mac, Ill definitely post pics of my bag collection. U girls would be amazed on how addicted i am....hehehe

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