Packing my stuff in boxes and running errands before I move aint fun...but heck, I am trying to make the best of it.
Gotta bring my lil one, Olive for her shots as well as grooming session...hopefully the weather wont be as sucky as today.

Currently getting my hands on TVB new 2008 series 'D.I.E. (Death Investigation Extension)', crunchyroll.com is no longer a valid site for TVB dramas...so FEI try watching it at megavideo.com.

back to packin...moving some of our stuff on FRIDAY night!

this is why...

There are just some biatches like HER that bugs the SHIAT outta me...ERGH...I just cant stand the sight of her!!! or even hear her fuging NAME! totally grosses me out!!!!!!
Why cant she just get outta our sight or MY sight, aint that hard BITCH...FUG OFF!!!! everything was fine UNTIL u wriggle ur fat ass in.

GET A LIFE aight, UR OWN not in OURS!


SAVINGS savings!!!

*these online coupons can save you ALOT of money!!! EVEN on makeup!!! Such as JERGEN natural glow moisturizer that's the hit thing now...

I speed shopped at TARGET today....and saw this:

Its the yummiest cookie Ive ever had!!!! Too bad its limited edition, I might go back to TARGET sometime early next week and sweep all those goodies in my cart...YUM!!!


I was reading Reinvent's blog, she introduced this website www.taaz.com. It's basically a makeover website and is very easy to use compared to other makeover websites. I do recommend people who wants to use the website to upload a photo of yourself without makeup in order to see the difference, I didnt use a photo of myself without makeup...so here it is:

I didnt change my hairstyle using that website...all i did was just changing the lipcolor, eyeshadow, contacts, and blush...what a huge difference it can make!!!
you gurlz should give it a shot!!!


BIG DAY: Next weekend

Moving next Sat...YAY!!! Have I started packing? NO....i should though, been so restless since I got back. Why? I dont know..feel like that exam totally drained me out, still have one assignment and one test due by Friday another paper due next Thursday.

Makeup on me is THE FACE SHOP bb cream, with MAC eyeliner and RIMMEL white eyeliner for my inner eyes. That's what the hair color turned out...its getting a tad lighter and it evens out throughout my hair.

Oh ya...i forgot to mention that I bought the SALLY HANSEN clear nail buff polish...it creates a natural look for your nails making it look healthy and natural...


updates updates!

Exam today was aight...wasnt as confident as the last exam, BUT not as bad as I thought it would be. Just received an email regarding my Sasa.com purchase, they are unfortunately out of KATE eyeshadow...MAN, i was excited bout that especially. Also, they are finally sending out my package, and itll take 7-14 business days...how SLOW!
Moving next Saturday!! YAY!!! the thought bout packing and unpacking just drives me nuts.
Today, went out and about with Ann-O and lil Finn, found yoga pants from Lady foot locker for 6 BUCKS....hell ya...they were on sale..70 percent off...the yoga pants are for my sis actually..went to OLD NAVY and splurged on some 3/4 sleeves cardigan in black and another in green, tube top, 3 pairs of flip-flops, a pair of pj pants...they were ON SALE!!!

The NY flight back was bad but not as bad as I thought. Slight delay getting out of NY (that's not unheard of), almost missed my connecting flight. Spent Easter Sunday recovering from the long-arse flight and studying for my exam...I HATE EXAMS AFTER A BREAK!!!

St. paddy's day was erhm....fun!?!?! I was way drunk and shouldnt be...I guess downing a bottle of white wine together with Sake bombs and other shots in 2 hrs is a NO NO....I was also playing those 15/20 game with this one friend, singing Karaoke to start of...passed out in the end...My sis and 2 other friends had to carry me...and mind you, being 5'8 on 3" heels (which makes me a giant among my friends) doesnt make it any easier for them to carry me...THE REST IS HISTORY!!!

I promise to post pics hopefully tomorrow...needa do that with another lappie of mine...

So far the FACE SHOP bb cream works PERFECT for me...its clearing my blemishes faster than BRTC....why? I dont know. I thought BRTC would work better...hmm....i guess ill have to post pics of the FACE SHOP and BRTC bb cream on my face so you can see the difference. Stay tune for that ok? bare with me guys...one more exam this friday!!!

Yes I flew Delta and UA...dont really have a fav airline...BUT i find UA seats more spacious than Delta...



Ill be back to update bout my trip and hauls...
Have an exam tomorrow, and didnt study during break (obviously...DUH). Now I have to suffer the consequences...Wish me lucj ladies!!!



On the third day at NY, went to Flushing with some of my friends...was looking for BB creams at those Korean beauty stores...alot of different brands; mostly unheard of...THEN...i saw THE FACE SHOP...i remembered reading at ABB about their BB creams...so I decided to give it a shot. It was 32 bucks for 1.59fl oz...
The texture is very easy to spread out, light but with full coverage. It matched my skin tone perfectly, and mind you I am a NC15 (in MAC)...there wasnt any fragrance in that bb cream...had perfect oil control, meaning I didnt even have to blot in between my 9 hr outdoor exposure. The bb cream gave me somewhat of a dewy look, hm...I should say more towards the dewy side yet a lil matte. I have yet to breakout from this product, better not jinx myself...HA
Overall, Ill give this product a 5/5...no CONS yet...Ill update in a week or so about this product...

Cant seem to find a picture of this off the internet, will do so when I update next week!


bloggin from H.S.H NY!

Hey peeps,
I arrived at NY without any issues surprisingly...not bad for crowded Spring break airports. Passed out once my sister got home from class, was flippin exhausted and sore from overworking myself before I left.
Plans for tonight is pretty tight, actually plans for the weekend is pretty tight. Going out tonight as well as Saturday night. Dont know if I am ready for that as I am still overwhelmed to be home.
Weather here is definately not as good, its suppose to rain tonight...NOT good!
My hair color is actually getting lighter and even throughout..I cant wait to take pictures and post them when I get back.
I kinda have to start packing and get ready for tonight...



New phone...please advise

My chocolate white LG phone is starting to detirorate on me...the battery life is useless...gotta get it charged every 2 days or so...ERGH...i realllllllllly need a new phone...i was thinking bout trading it in for VENUS LG either in Pink or black...BUT technically my trade-in date is Sept 20th, so should I wait 6 mths? Or should I change it now, but I have to pay the difference in price...sigh...i dont know what to do...its buggin meeeeeeeeeeeee.....

S.O.S girlfriends...please advise

This VENUS by LG does remind me of the PRADA phone...


What a weekend

Watched The Bank Job today, it was a pretty good movie. Before the movie started, reviews on the upcoming movies were shown...damn...Shutter was the shiat I must say....scared the heebee jeebees outta me...

The thought about me moving is stressful...alotta school work, alotta of other misc things to get done...IN SUCH LIL TIME>...

The pic kinda shows my new hair color...I really like to beret I bought from Urban Outfitters..it was on clearance...yes BARGAIN shopping is my specialty


When I move, you move....just like dat

We've signed the lease and we'll be moving on the 5th of April!!! YAY!!
My landlord is pretty cool about ripping the carpet out and putting in new hardwood floors...i cant wait to move!!!!
I really wanna pay for 2 dudes to help move...cos I feel bad for Tel moving most the stuff...and I really want to get it done in a day.
Gotta start packin and throwing shiat out!! Leaving on a jet plane on the 13th!!!


god damn

My Sasa.com order has yet to arrive. Under my account, it says 'awaiting stock' BUT when I looked at my list of stuff, everything IS in stock...WTH!!! I ordered on the 2nd of March, geezz...I was hoping Ill get it before I leave next Tuesday...dont think that'll happen....ergh
I cant wait to start packing...I have tons of crap to toss out, just thinking about it amuses me...
I've been using Acne-free for the 2nd day now...and it's working its magic on me....so far so good...definately cleared and lightened my old blemish scars...it's not dry on my face and after using Step 1, 2, 3 it leaves my skin clear and smooth...vibrant too i must say.

I have so much to do before I leave...shhhesshs...damn stressed up...



YES!!!! Tel and I paid our deposit for our new place!!!! Its a one bedroom with a sunroom. It looks soooooooooo gorgeous, I cant wait to sit in the sunroom reading a book or something. Its only 825 sq ft, a pretty good size for both of us and the dogs. There's a deck that leads to the shared courtyard, which is PERFECT for the dogs. The kitchen is a good size for me to do my cooking, the combo washer/dryer is also located in the kitchen. The cabinets in the kitchen is dark cherry wood with stainless steel modern handles. The wall by the sink is also stainless steel, the countertops are granite, and off the end is a table where you can use your computer or have your meals. The flooring in the living room as well as kitchen is a dark cherry brown color. there's alot of window, thus the whole place is very bright and full of sunshine. The bedroom is not too small nor too big, just right for the bed, the side table as well as my desk. Tel and I will have to work around with the closet space as its kinda small. I am planning on getting a 6 drawer dresser for my t shirts and maybe jeans although I prefer my jeans to be hung.
I might also need a shoe cabinet for my close to 100 pairs of shoes and boots. EKS...I need to face the reality and stop eyeing on more shoes. Right outside the bedroom, there's a built in shelf, perfect for Tel's scrapbooks and other of his stuff. Because there's so much space in that shelf, I am debating on storing some of my clothes...still thinking about it. Across the bedroom is the bathroom, there's actually 3 flights of steps going up to the bathroom, so pray hard that nobody gets too wasted to prevent from trippin over em steps. The bathroom is sooooo modern, I love the frosted glass that allows natural light to shine in, like I've said i am planning on drawing some stuff on it.
I am just soooo excited to move!!! Our move-in date is the 2nd week of April, I kinda want to move earlier like the 12th...since 15th is a Tuesday...i just cant wait!!! Although thinking about packing and moving all our crap is gonna SUCK!!!

I bought another box of hair dye...GARNIER 100%; it definately brighten my natural color and also the color I had on 2 days ago. I am also trying this new hair product, NEXXUS straighten spray. It is said by ALLURE magazine that prolonged usage will straighten the hair permanately. The spray actually smells like cocoa butter...and is very light, thus it doesnt weigh down the hair. Ill update in a few weeks about this product.



Tel and I will be looking at another place tomorrow after work. Hopefully THIS place will turn out perfect for both of us.Its a one bedroom with sunroom, and the kitchen has STAINLESS STEEL appliances with granite countertops, it also comes with washer/dryer combo!! There's also a private entry that leads to the courtyard which is perfect for us to let the dogs out and stuff...Its only 824 sq ft...small but I figured that's easier to keep clean.
I also like the bathroom alot, there's a big frosted glass wall that lets all the sun shine in...i plan to draw some design on it with an eraserable marker...just to make it unique....i am hoping the landlord will let me rip the carpet off the bedroom....that is if the floor underneath the carpet is wood or something...*cross fingers*
I dont know if she'll sign the lease for May 1st or April 1st...even if its April 1st, Ill move there in a hearbeat...kekekk..which means when I come back on the 22nd, Ill have to start packing. really cant wait to get out of this place i'm living at right now
I cant wait to go see it!!!!

Was gonna go to the store to pick up my prescription as well as another box of hair color...Garnier 100% as BLISS recommended...but kinda tied up at home now...i guess ill get that tomorrow and get it recolored tomorrow or something.....I
I have about 4 chapters to study for my test next week before SPRING BREAK!! Hopefully my package from SASA will arrive soon enough before I leave.

Things to get done before going home:
- developmental psych UNIT 5 & 6 assignments
- BIO Chpt 10-15



the hair color didnt turn out to be what i presumed...its not that light....should i get another box and give it another shot??
sheesh....what should i do?? its kinda buggin me....grrrrrrr
nothing seems to be goin smoothly for me today...

aight...gotta go take my online exam now... >.<

hair color

After looking at Koomsies.blogspot i decided to color my hair. I was kinda debating on going over to my friend's salon to get it done, but couldnt really find the time to. Therefore, I decided to grab a box off the shelf at the drugstore, I chose Garnier Nutrisse #60 Acorn light brown. I dont really know how this will turn out, and I am pretty excited to see the outcome. I think I will be leaving it longer than 25 mins, so itll turn out a tad lighter.
I feel pretty good bout saving myself 80 bucks, normally I dont get much luck at the salon getting my hair colored....

Oh yea, on the place i looked at...it didnt turn out to what i expected....sigh...really disappointed. It was kinda old and i didnt really like the kitchen AT ALL...Ill be lookin at some other ones tomorrow or sometime this week...the photos show stainless steel kitchen...I LIKE!!! I cant wait to start making curtains for my new place...a brand new place...brand new start!!! YAY

What I wore today...

going to see the new place in a lil bit...sooooooo excited...wish me luck guys!!
ill update on how it turns out!


links to watch TVB/movies online



Geez...peer pressure

ERhm...hm...gotta give my thanks to FEI for introducing all those good buys @ sasa.com. I DID managed to spend more than 75 bucks to be qualified for the free shipping, was kinda hoping for a couple free samples, but I guess I am only eligible for ONE...geezz...

Total damage under the influence of FEI:
- 2 DEJAVU FIBERWIG 3D Mascara $12.60
- normally this is $22 at Sephora, cheaper by 10 bucks HELL YA!

- DEJAVU FIBERWIG Tiny Sniper $10.10
- the brush is angled to reach those stubborn hard to reach lashes

- Kanebo KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow in GD-1 $14.80
- this is a good buy compared to going to a counter to purchase it, and its a very good brand for Asians

- SCINIC Fine Control BB Cream (50 ml) $21.70
- the review on this seems pretty tempting although its an unknown brand to me, its worth a try for that price

- Koji Accent Curler $2.80
- this gives a very natural curl compared to the normal 'L' curl

- Ikemoto Hair Esthetic Folding Brush $2.30
- this is my travel brush
- Ikemoto Hair Esthetic Men's Comb $2.30
- this is for Tel

BB cream update

I've been using BRTC Recovery Balm as well as the blemish concealer for about 2 wks now, it has made my face smoother and clearer. It definately lightened my blemish scars, although it didnt really heal/fade 3 of my fresh scars. I think prolong usage will clear up my skin and whiten it as well. I think it might be due to the horrible winter weather, that's why my fresh scars is taken longer than usual to heal. Sigh, been drinking tons of water to detoxify my body, hoping itll speed up the process as Ill be leaving for home in 12 days.

Today's weather is surprisingly warm....59F....partly cloudy, but I chose to stay in.

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