On the third day at NY, went to Flushing with some of my friends...was looking for BB creams at those Korean beauty stores...alot of different brands; mostly unheard of...THEN...i saw THE FACE SHOP...i remembered reading at ABB about their BB creams...so I decided to give it a shot. It was 32 bucks for 1.59fl oz...
The texture is very easy to spread out, light but with full coverage. It matched my skin tone perfectly, and mind you I am a NC15 (in MAC)...there wasnt any fragrance in that bb cream...had perfect oil control, meaning I didnt even have to blot in between my 9 hr outdoor exposure. The bb cream gave me somewhat of a dewy look, hm...I should say more towards the dewy side yet a lil matte. I have yet to breakout from this product, better not jinx myself...HA
Overall, Ill give this product a 5/5...no CONS yet...Ill update in a week or so about this product...

Cant seem to find a picture of this off the internet, will do so when I update next week!


lilbebe said...

pictures please!!!! =) maybe I'll go to flushing one day and pick it up too, what store you went to?

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