Whats in your car?

I've been looking around other blogs and there's been "What's in your purse"? tag going on.
Well, here's my tag to those reading my blog:

Whats in your car???

Ill post my pics tomorrow after i get back from class. Can't wait to see what you guys have in your car!


Acrylic nails or Incoco??

Circle lens with astigmatism

Some sites I am looking through right now:

Snow + wind +icy roads

Feel so guilty...I was running a lil late for class this morning, and finding parking at my sch is a HUGE pain in the tushies, while what happened was; I was going around the lot looking for a spot, and there was another car already doing the same. Lucky for me, there was a van leaving so I had my blinker on signaling that I saw that spot and the car that was waiting wanted that spot too. So what did I do? Well..I took the spot...ERGH...I can feel her cussing at me. I FEEL SO BAD after I took the spot. But what I can do? It IS a first come first serve thing right?


Eye talk... italk?

Ok...so it was the BB cream craze, then Circle Lens...how bout Eye talk now? It's been around for quite some time, from what I know. I've actually used it for about 3 yrs or so...while on and off for the last 2.5 yrs. The first 6mths when I was using it, I used it almost everyday. And after 6 mths or so, my eyelid kinda got used to being 'glued' thus becoming a very natural double eyelid! YAY!

My very first encounter with it was given by my cousin who lives in Netherlands, she went on a trip to Korea and bought so many that she thought I ought to give it a try...AND I DID!! Fall in love with it the first time I've used it. After using it all up...I was concerned about not being able to get it here in the States....THANK GOD for Chinatown in NY. I found it...but of a different brand called 'Eyetalk'. They are quite costly, DUH everything that's imported from Asia in the States are expensive, the price came up to be 17 bucks (cant really remember but close enough). HELLO...that's kinda expensive...but when I came to think about it, you dont really have to use a whole lot so its pretty worth it.
The glue is white in color, bout it'll dry up to be transparent. It is also very easy to remove, just like regular glue stuck on your skin.

Well the Eye Talk kit contains eyelid glue, a “pusher,” and everything else you need to give the Oriental eye an attractive roundness, without cosmetic surgery...I like the sound of that...dont know bout you guys.

Here's a link on how-to:


My mom have been trying to tell me all these 'facts' to have me get rid of Jello...sigh...4 yrs...strong attachment and bonding. Jello has occupied a part in my heart...I just cant bear to part with him.



Surprisingly the weather today was at the high 60's. HOT!

BUT...tomorrow and the rest of the week is gonna suck.....20's and snowing!!!! geeeeez....

Baby haul

My best friend from grade school is prego. She is almost 5 mths along if I'm not wrong. We've been pals for more than 10 yrs. I remember that we lived in the same building, and we hang out after school too. I havent seen her in many years, cause I've moved quite a bit, so happy that we are in touch now.
Since its her first baby, I want to make it somewhat special and making up for not attending her wedding; therefore I bought her some baby stuff. I bet she'll love it!! I cant tell her what it is, but Ill let her know once I mailed it out.
Here are some questions I want to ask her:
1. Would you like some maternity jeans? They are jeans with elastic bands and seems really comfy.
2. What's your size? Do you wear a small?
3. What's the baby's length and weight?
4. Is there any baby stuff you need, such as special baby bottles, breast-feeding stuff...or anything you can get in sg?

Feel free to let me know ok?

I've also bought 2 more Incoco French Manicure set!!! YAY!


BB cream craze...

Since I've started school, my face has been breaking out and scarring. SO, I've been reading blogs and forums on the BB cream that's so popular in Korea.
Here's what I bought from softpeachyshop.com:

I think Ill have to wait more than a week for it to arrive. I CANT WAIT!!! I really hope after a few months of using it, or actually before June, my skin will clear up all ready for my trip to TAIWAN!! I heard its gonna be freaking hot, so I want to refrain from using makeup when I get there.

Ill update once I start using them!!!


Incoco Dry Nail Applique

I've tried Avon dry nail applique, and I must say Incoco does a better job. They even have DIY French Manicure, which I LOVE because acrylic nails really ruin my natural nails. They even have it in black color!!! You know how applying black on your nails the old fashion way is somewhat messy.
The one I bought from Walgreens was the French Manicure in First Love. It came with 2 sets of applique and the whole deal came up to $5.99, that's less than 6 bucks!!!! It only took me less than 10 mins to do all my nails, it is really easy to apply and is not a tad bit messy. I also applied a top coat for the extra shine. I've had it on for more than a week now, and there are not signs of chipping.
Overall I give this product 10/10!!
I cant wait till I go and grab a couple more just in case it gets sold out...



Our 2nd year anniversary is coming up on the 4th of Feb, I am still thinking of what to get for him. I usually like to make gifts for him, but the weather sucks lately so driving is a pain!!! After class tomorrow, I'll find some materials that I need. Hopefully it'll snow later in the afternoon so I dont get snowed in. ERGH!
Congrats to my sister!!! She just fulfilled one of her things on her wishlist!!!

Things to do this weekend:
1. Bio lab report
2. Psychology Unit 1-3
3. Chem & Bio Chpt 4 readings

Just lost my train of thought...MAN...


Countdown to Spring Break

I am counting down to Spring Break, because I want to visit my sister again! Miss her since our vaca at BJ during the winter break. I'll be living in her new bought condo, so happy that she finally found her dream house. I can't wait to help her decorate her place or do antique hunting with her. Especially helping her bargain for great deals is also fun.
School's been pretty busy for these 2 wks, so is Mr. T. He's been busy with projects and more projects. He's recently received a raise, after A LONG time...I am happy for him cause he's been waiting.

It snowed today for another inch or two. Weather's been pretty nasty, and driving to school SUCKS! Mr. T has been driving and picking me up from school during snowy days. He's such a doll. I love him!

Feb 4th is our anniversary and his birthday is 3 wks after that. So I dont really know if I should get 2 gifts or just one big one. I've been getting him whatever he wants even when its not any special occasion. He's spoiled, so spoiled. Still I love him!

Can't wait till the weekend; just because I want to sleep in. I do have alot of homework to do though. YIKES!

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