Baby haul

My best friend from grade school is prego. She is almost 5 mths along if I'm not wrong. We've been pals for more than 10 yrs. I remember that we lived in the same building, and we hang out after school too. I havent seen her in many years, cause I've moved quite a bit, so happy that we are in touch now.
Since its her first baby, I want to make it somewhat special and making up for not attending her wedding; therefore I bought her some baby stuff. I bet she'll love it!! I cant tell her what it is, but Ill let her know once I mailed it out.
Here are some questions I want to ask her:
1. Would you like some maternity jeans? They are jeans with elastic bands and seems really comfy.
2. What's your size? Do you wear a small?
3. What's the baby's length and weight?
4. Is there any baby stuff you need, such as special baby bottles, breast-feeding stuff...or anything you can get in sg?

Feel free to let me know ok?

I've also bought 2 more Incoco French Manicure set!!! YAY!


Huihui said...

manyu, really thanks alot...hm.. I dun need the jeans la.. By the way i haven know the weight yet leh... But will let u know after 22nd Feb... U know hor, my mum still remember u leh.. She remember that u stay on upstairs... She say that u are very fair with a natural golden hair.. Wahaha..So good..actually from young i envy u that u have a bronze hair.. so nice... and red lips... and pinkish skin.. so envy.... hehe...Glad that u have found your happiness also... All the best.. Dun need to buy things for me la.. At most, dun buy so ex de hor... The courier charges from States to Spore is quite costly right?

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