BB cream craze...

Since I've started school, my face has been breaking out and scarring. SO, I've been reading blogs and forums on the BB cream that's so popular in Korea.
Here's what I bought from softpeachyshop.com:

I think Ill have to wait more than a week for it to arrive. I CANT WAIT!!! I really hope after a few months of using it, or actually before June, my skin will clear up all ready for my trip to TAIWAN!! I heard its gonna be freaking hot, so I want to refrain from using makeup when I get there.

Ill update once I start using them!!!


Bliss said...

WOW you bought so much BB cream, im so jealous,please review them Ive only bought two types Scandal Magic BB cream and Missha. I'll do a post on it later. Thanks for stopping by hehehh.p.s im linking you

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