Eye talk... italk?

Ok...so it was the BB cream craze, then Circle Lens...how bout Eye talk now? It's been around for quite some time, from what I know. I've actually used it for about 3 yrs or so...while on and off for the last 2.5 yrs. The first 6mths when I was using it, I used it almost everyday. And after 6 mths or so, my eyelid kinda got used to being 'glued' thus becoming a very natural double eyelid! YAY!

My very first encounter with it was given by my cousin who lives in Netherlands, she went on a trip to Korea and bought so many that she thought I ought to give it a try...AND I DID!! Fall in love with it the first time I've used it. After using it all up...I was concerned about not being able to get it here in the States....THANK GOD for Chinatown in NY. I found it...but of a different brand called 'Eyetalk'. They are quite costly, DUH everything that's imported from Asia in the States are expensive, the price came up to be 17 bucks (cant really remember but close enough). HELLO...that's kinda expensive...but when I came to think about it, you dont really have to use a whole lot so its pretty worth it.
The glue is white in color, bout it'll dry up to be transparent. It is also very easy to remove, just like regular glue stuck on your skin.

Well the Eye Talk kit contains eyelid glue, a “pusher,” and everything else you need to give the Oriental eye an attractive roundness, without cosmetic surgery...I like the sound of that...dont know bout you guys.

Here's a link on how-to:


Fei said...

Paying that much for glue is totally worth it if it saves you the pain of getting surgery. I've used regular tape before just to even out my lids (one side is slightly bigger than the other). I'll link you back!

Meo said...

my mom actually bought more for me in Japan, and it came up to be around 8USD. Way cheaper.
And I did actually plan to have surgery, thank god i went this route!!
maybe u should give this a shot on the other eye so it'll balance out...u look gorgeous either way!

Anna said...

thats crazzy! does it stay for a long time? how much is it? and is it uncomfortable? i want it..

Meo said...

Anna: It does stay on for a long time. Even in summer when I sweat or do water activities. It doesnt really feel uncomfortable, in fact you cant even feel it. Maybe the first couple times when u're using it. itll feel like there something on ur eye. At Chi-town in NY, its bout 17 bucks.You can get it at this website for $10 bucks: http://www.justapple.biz/category_eyecare.html#cog_120001

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