Leap year!!

HAPPY Feb 29th to all!! Dont think we'll be out tonight.
Had my taxes done today, not by me though...had to get an accountant...heh
Waiting for Tel to get off work so we can do some shopping. Thinking about changing/upgrading my phone. TOo bad using T-mobile here SUCKS, if not, Ill be getting the PRADA phone by LG, its $450 and is a tri-band phone.
So what do you think about this phone???


This whole Dawn Yang what's her face is toooo overrated. Small person trying to make it big in a small country. Wonder when her face is going to melt.


Thank god I didnt proceed in paying the 1st month's rent. I was sooooo pumped bout moving by next week, I guess its a blessing in disguise.
What happened was:
This scammer has been placing the rental posting on Craigslist, and I kinda found that it was fishy that it was flagged for removal twice on 2 separate occassion. I called the Manager of the apt yesterday, and spoke to him regarding this particular unit. He mentioned that the pictures on the posting was from another apt, and that those owners of the apt building didnt go by the name 'Amanda'. Actually 2 other people asked about this place these past few days, and the management company is taking legal actions against this scammer.
What a fugger, I was THISSSSSSSSSSSSSS close in sending money. So glad that I can finally move on, sigh....oh well...on Monday Ill be looking at this 3 bedroom duplex and is allwooden floors. I think they are currently finishing renovation on one of the duplexes. I cant wait to have Tel look at them, cause I think the likelihood of me renting is pretty high. I think all Tel is asking for is a garden/yard for the puppies, and there is one at the duplex. YAY!!! If everything turns out ok, we should be moving April 1st the earliest if not May 1st.
13 more days till going back home...NYC here I come!!!!!


In/Out final cut n tel's 25th

Been pretty busy and exhausted with school as well as chores around the house.

I've found a really great place to move to. It is located downtown and is renting for close to 1/3 of its original rent, this is because it is privately owned and she's currently out of the country and needs someone to rent it for the most 5 yrs. The great thing about it is EVERYTHING is included meaning utilities are FREE...yes ALL FREE...there's also a washer/dryer in the unit and underground parking. AND mind you, this is DOWNTOWN we're talking about!!!! The thing is, her furniture are still in the place and she said it's ok to use her furniture, but I dont really feel comfortable sleeping on her bed. Oooo...I am soooooo excted...if everything works out, Ill be moving either this weekend or next week. Wish me luck guys!!!

Today is Tel's birthday!!! I didnt really have time to get him anything, but I've made plans to make him a homemade chocolate cake covered with strawberries from scratch... Also, for dinner Ill be making black pepper steak. YUM!!!
I hope he'll show SOME emotions after seeing my effort in making him a cake.

Have 2 tests this Thursday, and 2 assignments due...all i'm thinking about is MOVING....MOVING!!!!!!!


Can't wait till SATURDAY!!!!!!

Woke up at 4am this morning, cant fall back to sleep...so freakin sleepy now. I WOULD very much like to take a nap, but I gotta go get Tel in a lil bit. ERGH...

Went to Barnes and Noble after lab to read some books. Found a book "It's (mostly) his fault" by Robert Mark Alter. Its a book for women who are fed up and the men who love them. Basically its about the making of a good husband.

If you're a man, this book will give you;
- a wife who adores you
- an end to her nagging
- less anger
- ways to improve commnication with your wife

If you're a woman, this book will give you;
- the marriage you've always dreamed of
- a husband you don't have to nag
- a happier, less angry husband
- a man you can talk to - your husband!
- a husband you'll actually want to make love to

I've only managed to read through the first 20 or so pages. This book was originally priced at $22.95, now at a bargain price of $5.98. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT????

Weather yesterday was 8F with a windchill of -45F...bbbbbbrrrrrrrrr

Ill be back later...realllllllllllly starting to doze off.


Woooo....i wish i can have.....

Sweet Monogram bracelet ($290)

Sweet Monogram necklace ($290)

This is actually a keychain...but I dont see why I cant wear it like a bracelet though ($420)

I have this but I am thinking about replacing it...($280)

Happy YAY!

So my exam today went really good. Better than I expected actually. Talked to the travel agent and had 2 spots reserved, he mentioned that prices will drop when summer starts, so he suggested on holding off before purchasing.

Tel promised me a big tub of gelato as well as 2 2-scoop cups. YUM!! I cant wait till Saturday....YEAHhhhhhh!
I did 2 good deeds today and boy do I feel gooooooood.....I let some girl have my parking spot, cos I saw her circling the lot a couple times. Also, an old lady was trying to grab one gallon bottled iced tea off the top shelf, she had trouble reaching far behind the counter, so I asked if she needed help and helped her; she was really grateful. I feel gooooooooood.

Leaving for a short vacation in about 3 wks or so...I cant wait to see my sister!!!!!!

Oh ya...was kinda pissed last night when I was going through my online class discussion. This 'older' woman kept dissing my comments. It's freakin' free speech yo...take a chill pill. Whatever I wrote, she'll say something bad about it. Flippin' A! ERGH...she actually did that not only to me, but to others as well. I am trying to refrain from commenting about her posting. Hopefully she wont keep doing that horsecrap to whatever I post....

AND....today during exam, one chick at the back was CHEATING...aaaa COME ON...if u know the shit u know it, if you dont yoa dont...freakin go home and cry urself a river BIAAaatch! Whatever, anyhoo...i just think that's a LOOOOOOOOW arse thing to do *no offence to those who cheat* I mean if she wanted to cheat, at least cheat in a pro manner...I saw her EYE to EYE, it was definately an awkward moment...

Anyhoo, I cant wait to see FINN for the first time!!!!! He's only a couple months old...born in Ireland...



Been studying hard for my bio exam which is tomorrow!!! eeeeeks!!!!!!!
Weather's been soooooo nasty, wind chill today is 1F...ya doesnt help if its really windy at all.
Buying my ticket to Taiwan tomorrow!!! Aug 2nd till Aug 17th...TW HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

Still deciding on how much Ill be bringing...hm...shopping, eating...more eating...more shopping...

I am kinda worried that I cant get to look around much...sigh..hopefully that'll be the case...cos the point of me going back really is to see what Tel's hometown is like...isnt really considered his hometown though cos he has only lived there for 12 yrs? 6 yrs at Central America and going on 7 yrs here in the States...He doesnt really know much about those 'must sees' in TW...
I am more of a look around and explore person, isnt that the point of travelling?

Definately moving in May, doesnt seem like he wants to...Cos he hates moving....I am planning on paying some dudes to move all the stuff....this includes unloading too...all ill have to worry about is renting a truck....that's my plan...we'll see if that'll work out. I am looking out for an apt, preferably a house with 2 bedroom HOPEFULLY with a garage with all wooden floors. AND a nice modern kitchen...none of that white cabinet with wooden trim bullshit and cheaparse looking metal sinks! (*no offence to those who have that, just not my taste PLUS i dont want to have that COLLEGE feel cos I AM WAY OVER THAT) My likings include ganite counter tops, nice stove, no white fridge...spacey kitchen!!

Anyhoo...back to work...wish me luck guys!!! and STAY WARM....for those staying in the WEST COAST!!! send me ur warmth aight?!!!


BB review and update!!

Sorry for MIA for these few days, THANK YOU Bliss for your concern!! Yes i am feeling a tad better but still uber miserable with my sore throat and stuffy nose.

Anyhoo, I thought Tel really didnt bother to get me anything for V-day, BUT surprisingly, he came home Friday after work with a rose. I am not that kind of girl that expects a dozen roses, I only care about his thought. I LOVE HIM to the bits...*hah.getting mushy there*

So I've received my BB cream on Tuesday, and I also have a dozen if not more of FREE SAMPLES!!! YES free samples!!!
This includes:

Sweet Potato Tinted Balm
Lime Secret Shine Base (2X)
White Grape Fresh Base
White Grape Fresh Foundation
Potiron au Lait Cream

Self Control Peeling Massage
Night Revolution Perfect Master (I've used this, would recommend. Has a nice scent, leaves face smooth and clear)

Perfect V Shaper (3X) (this values for $21 for 5, and I received 3)

Lemon Peel Serum
Glossy BB (3X)
Caviar gold BB
Magic BB
Super Magic BB

The products I purchased were: BRTC Perfect Recover Balm + Blemish Concealer , Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Triple Function Oil-Free , Skin79 Hologram Pearl Gold Compact Powder, HANSKIN Magic Glossy BB cream, BRTC whitening Compact.

I've tried all the products on my hand as well as my face where my blemishes are just to test the coverage.
BRTC concealer gives full coverage without a doubt, it doesnt dry out and is very easy to blend and managable. BRTC balm is also very blendable and gives full coverage without looking too cakey. It matched my skintone prefectly, looked flawless. (I have a NC15 tone) On top of that, I used BRTC compact, which is a very very fine powder that sets my makeup giving it flawless finishing touch. Afterwhich, I used Skin79 Hologram Pearl Compact, as BRTC products gave me a matte look, thus using the powder itself which has little specks of pearl looking powder, giving me very natural glow, not dramatic at all. After 9 hours, no sign of oil or melting of my makeup nor did I have to touch up in between.

Hanskin Magic Glossy cream, on the other hand gives little-medium coverage. It is very dewy for those who have flawless skin and would like to achieve a dewy look, this is definately the product. This also matched my skintone perfectly, very easy to apply, not oily at all.

Skin79 Super, what I've heard is this is more of a summer product as it controls sweat and oil better. I did give it a try, and it also gives me med-full coverage. Very blendable and this product is a lil different that BRTC bb cream, it's more to the dewy glowy side than matte. (I would give another review as I've only used this once)

So after about 5 days of application, it definately lightening my skin as well as my blemishes. After I washed my face, it leaves my skin to be 'springie' and very smooth. It definately tightened my pores. So far no new breakouts!!!

I hope this helps, I'll keep updating every week about my skin with prolonged usage of bb creams!
(Ill post pics probably next wk as itll show a better outcome)



HAPPY V-day to everybody!!!!!

I made Tel a handmade teddy pillow...ill take a picture of it sometime...
due to me being sick and all, Ive only spent 4 hrs on it. It looks presentable (no pun intended). I hope he likes it!

I've used one of the BB cream as well as 2 BB compact powder. Ill give a lil short review hopefully when I get back tonight. If not tomorrow, so hang with me guys.

I still have a sicky flu...that pretty much means no physical intimacy tonight or kissy kissy...HAHAH...ok TMI...

Gotta go.

Once again, Have a Great Valentine's Day and FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!



BB cream...Unwell

Woke up yesterday morning with aa sore throat. This morning it's even worse, sore and dry, probably swollen too.

Tel was nice enough to pick up the box of BB cream for me at the post office. He said it's better if I stayed home, cause the weather is just dreadful.
He said that the box was slightly ripped off. Hopefully everything in the box is still intacted,, and nothing is missing. Cant wait to use those bb cream for the first time starting tomorrow.

Just looked at the schedule for summer classes, will be registering for 2-3 classes as classes start 6.2 till 7.25 which fits perfectly since my Taiwan trip would be that weekend for 2 weeks. Also found out that classes are only Mondays and Wednesdays YAY!! BUT...the con is classes start at 8am....WT...which means I'll have to wake up at 630....sigh...oh well...i rather do that than go every day or every other day.

Quiz this Thursday and test next Tuesday...man...I WANT MY SORE THROAT TO GO AWAY!

*cant drink honey lemon cause I'm allergic to lemon due to my asthma....

**I aint mad at you. Just that '家醜不得外傳‘; blogs are being posted online which means EVERYBODY will guess that be it me or somebody else. There's no privacy if things are being posted online. Free speech ya know?
But, afterall I aint mad at you la...small matter, no biggie...❤love ya my friend!! ❤


Glittering Days...back to the oldies




My box of BB cream finally arrived!!!!


I missed the delivery...received a notice, but overslept to pick it up at the post office...mannnnnnnnnnnn....Monday...sigh...Monday....




Its 1pm now, still no sign of Tel coming to pick me up. No phone calls NOTHING. I am starving, dont know if I should eat cause he said we'll be having lunch with his crew. Sigh...

Eason Chan is having a concert on Sunday...AND my sister gets to go...I WANT TO GO!!!! EASOOOOOOOOONNNNN....
Love his songs. Anyhoo, I hope my sister will have tons of fun and take lots of pictures for me.

(I am using MAC brow shaper, MAC eyeliner that doesnt smudge on me ever, LORAC blush that's so dolly and natural, FIberwig Mascara together with RIMMEL volumizer that works!! DIOR lipgloss over MAC pinkish nude lipstick, VICHY foundation and MAC pressed powder in NC15.)

You can kinda see the blush, that's how dolly it looks. I LURVE IT!! VICHY LABORATORY is a very good brand when it comes to keeping clear from blemishes and breakouts. I've been using their cleanser which has a very nice fragrant to it, it deeply cleanse my face without leaving it dried out. As for their foundation, its silky and gives full coverage to my face, it also last for the whole day, not a tad bit of shine! The price is about 27 bucks for a 30ml bottle. Last me for a long time cause using a little last a long way.

*its 1.30pm almost, STILL NO SIGN!!!!


Weekend coming up

Tomorrow's Friday, plan is to attend Tel's work function. Nothing too formal though, going bowling!!!!! I cant wait.The people Tel works with are very fun and cool. Maybe because they are more laxed and being designers and all...really creative.
I think Ill be going right after class, hopefully the weather wont be bad AGAIN! Weather report said it's gonna snow the whole say again. Bowling starts at noon or so, dont really know if we'll be having lunch together.

Anyhoo, I just cant wait to move out in a couple months. Just talked to my rents and my sis for 2 hrs, was talking about them coming in summer. Ill be going home again in March and in May. Keep thinking about traveling...hm.....fun! Taiwan...I AM COMING!!!

I checked my mail box today....still no sign of the BB creams I've ordered...tomorrow maybe?

What to wear tomorrow? Hm....temperature's dropping

*Had something I meant to say to someone out there, if you dont want other people to know bout your family affairs...DONT POST IT ONLINE..DUH! Not like that was a private post or what, PLUS it was HER that post it out...people are concern not just nosy aight...before you yell at people...LOOK WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO...GEEEZZZ...*

Happy Lunar New Year

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!! YAY!! *sound of fire crackers*


Sucky weather

Weather's still pretty nasty outside. Every couple hours or so, I can hear the snow plougher outside working their magic. Was letting the dogs out and brrrr does it feel cold or what.
Exams are coming up, sigh...have to worry about finding a new place to move to by May 1st.

I really cant remember what it is like to celebrate Chinese New Year. I really envy those who can be with their families during this festive season. I miss my family in Holland, one of my cousins is getting hitched on June 1st, too bad I cant go to their wedding. My sister and I were planning to go, but my parents decided to come over to help my sister move instead.

In Dec when I was in Beijing for vaca, decorations for CNY were already put up all over the city. Boy do I miss my family now.

I am still awaiting for my BB creams, package was shipped on Jan 29th, should it be here by now u think? hm....


Snowed in

Saturday's date was awesome! We watched "Meet the Spartans", I wouldnt recommend anyone to pay full price for this movie; maybe at a dollar theatre. Dinner was awesome, YUMS!!!
The party was fun too, was really exhausted though, guess that's because I havent been out in a long time since school started.
On Sunday, I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods with Tel, we simply couldnt resist the gelato...YUMMY, my fav....*slurps*
We've both decided to go to Taiwan for vaca end of July for 2 weeks!! YAY!!! School's been pretty busy, exams coming up this week as well as beginning of next week.
The flight's gonna suck though for sure...I guess I'll be taking summer classes since I wont be leaving till the end of July. I cant wait...shopping...and eating!!! I cant wait to stock up on make up imported from Japan especially, hopefully they have BB creams and facial creams suitable for Asian skin. I think I need to come up with a list on what I want so I can start saving.



I am pretty excited about my date tomorrow...our ANNIVERSARY!!!!! YAY! After that, there'll be a limo picking us up to go to SokHo...heard its a pretty huge party over 2000 people!! My schedule is pretty packed tomorrow...lunch, shopping, movie, dinner, PARTAY!!

Was kinda bored today from all that studying, so I decided to watch that Taiwanese variety show on how to apply make up. Its a pretty good show cause they show various girls with different eye shapes and such. And the make up is done by professional make up artists. They give pretty good tips and instructions on how to use make up according to your facial features to enhance them to the fullest.

I found one episode that really suits me, so I gave it a shot in the afternoon and WALA...that's the make up I'll be using tomorrow for my date! Ill remember to bring my camera and take some shots on what I'll be wearing.



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