Sucky weather

Weather's still pretty nasty outside. Every couple hours or so, I can hear the snow plougher outside working their magic. Was letting the dogs out and brrrr does it feel cold or what.
Exams are coming up, sigh...have to worry about finding a new place to move to by May 1st.

I really cant remember what it is like to celebrate Chinese New Year. I really envy those who can be with their families during this festive season. I miss my family in Holland, one of my cousins is getting hitched on June 1st, too bad I cant go to their wedding. My sister and I were planning to go, but my parents decided to come over to help my sister move instead.

In Dec when I was in Beijing for vaca, decorations for CNY were already put up all over the city. Boy do I miss my family now.

I am still awaiting for my BB creams, package was shipped on Jan 29th, should it be here by now u think? hm....


Fei said...

Gah... I've yet to spend a CNY in China! :( I'm not doing anything this year, because I'm stuck in school, but I'll be going home for the weekend. :D

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