Leap year!!

HAPPY Feb 29th to all!! Dont think we'll be out tonight.
Had my taxes done today, not by me though...had to get an accountant...heh
Waiting for Tel to get off work so we can do some shopping. Thinking about changing/upgrading my phone. TOo bad using T-mobile here SUCKS, if not, Ill be getting the PRADA phone by LG, its $450 and is a tri-band phone.
So what do you think about this phone???


Anonymous said...

I want a cool phone like that! sadly 450 is no where near what my budget will allow, I only get the free ones that come with the contract -.-

Fei said...

I was lemming that PRADA phone the day it came out. I guess I'm just not as into cellphones anymore, because I've lost the desire to get it. lol.

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