In/Out final cut n tel's 25th

Been pretty busy and exhausted with school as well as chores around the house.

I've found a really great place to move to. It is located downtown and is renting for close to 1/3 of its original rent, this is because it is privately owned and she's currently out of the country and needs someone to rent it for the most 5 yrs. The great thing about it is EVERYTHING is included meaning utilities are FREE...yes ALL FREE...there's also a washer/dryer in the unit and underground parking. AND mind you, this is DOWNTOWN we're talking about!!!! The thing is, her furniture are still in the place and she said it's ok to use her furniture, but I dont really feel comfortable sleeping on her bed. Oooo...I am soooooo excted...if everything works out, Ill be moving either this weekend or next week. Wish me luck guys!!!

Today is Tel's birthday!!! I didnt really have time to get him anything, but I've made plans to make him a homemade chocolate cake covered with strawberries from scratch... Also, for dinner Ill be making black pepper steak. YUM!!!
I hope he'll show SOME emotions after seeing my effort in making him a cake.

Have 2 tests this Thursday, and 2 assignments due...all i'm thinking about is MOVING....MOVING!!!!!!!


Fei said...

Congrats on finding a place! I'm in a similar situation with my housing... It's furnished and all utilities are included. I felt weird about using the furnishing at first, but it's not so bad after you get used to it. It's actually pretty nice to not have to bring a mattress, T.V., etc.

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