Weekend coming up

Tomorrow's Friday, plan is to attend Tel's work function. Nothing too formal though, going bowling!!!!! I cant wait.The people Tel works with are very fun and cool. Maybe because they are more laxed and being designers and all...really creative.
I think Ill be going right after class, hopefully the weather wont be bad AGAIN! Weather report said it's gonna snow the whole say again. Bowling starts at noon or so, dont really know if we'll be having lunch together.

Anyhoo, I just cant wait to move out in a couple months. Just talked to my rents and my sis for 2 hrs, was talking about them coming in summer. Ill be going home again in March and in May. Keep thinking about traveling...hm.....fun! Taiwan...I AM COMING!!!

I checked my mail box today....still no sign of the BB creams I've ordered...tomorrow maybe?

What to wear tomorrow? Hm....temperature's dropping

*Had something I meant to say to someone out there, if you dont want other people to know bout your family affairs...DONT POST IT ONLINE..DUH! Not like that was a private post or what, PLUS it was HER that post it out...people are concern not just nosy aight...before you yell at people...LOOK WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO...GEEEZZZ...*


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