Its 1pm now, still no sign of Tel coming to pick me up. No phone calls NOTHING. I am starving, dont know if I should eat cause he said we'll be having lunch with his crew. Sigh...

Eason Chan is having a concert on Sunday...AND my sister gets to go...I WANT TO GO!!!! EASOOOOOOOOONNNNN....
Love his songs. Anyhoo, I hope my sister will have tons of fun and take lots of pictures for me.

(I am using MAC brow shaper, MAC eyeliner that doesnt smudge on me ever, LORAC blush that's so dolly and natural, FIberwig Mascara together with RIMMEL volumizer that works!! DIOR lipgloss over MAC pinkish nude lipstick, VICHY foundation and MAC pressed powder in NC15.)

You can kinda see the blush, that's how dolly it looks. I LURVE IT!! VICHY LABORATORY is a very good brand when it comes to keeping clear from blemishes and breakouts. I've been using their cleanser which has a very nice fragrant to it, it deeply cleanse my face without leaving it dried out. As for their foundation, its silky and gives full coverage to my face, it also last for the whole day, not a tad bit of shine! The price is about 27 bucks for a 30ml bottle. Last me for a long time cause using a little last a long way.

*its 1.30pm almost, STILL NO SIGN!!!!


psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hey girl, just randomly surfing beautyblogs and came across your page. Dollymix is gorgeous! I would have gotten it if I didn't already have a zillion bright blushes already. Vichy sounds interesting - I've always seen the brand but never bothered to stop by. My skin's not acne-prone but I do get a couple once a month. However, I do have a few acne scars. Do you know if Vichy's line would help?

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