HAPPY V-day to everybody!!!!!

I made Tel a handmade teddy pillow...ill take a picture of it sometime...
due to me being sick and all, Ive only spent 4 hrs on it. It looks presentable (no pun intended). I hope he likes it!

I've used one of the BB cream as well as 2 BB compact powder. Ill give a lil short review hopefully when I get back tonight. If not tomorrow, so hang with me guys.

I still have a sicky flu...that pretty much means no physical intimacy tonight or kissy kissy...HAHAH...ok TMI...

Gotta go.

Once again, Have a Great Valentine's Day and FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!



CuttiBeBe said...

awww, you r so sweet! i wish i was crafty enough to make a pillow. =T

pls do update on the BB cream soon! i've been wondering about those forever~


Bliss said...

Happy V Day & Friendship Day to you also, hope you get well soon dear and im waiting for your reviews:)

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