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*Warning* this video contains distressing and upsetting footage of animal abuse and neglect and should be viewed with caution.

I like lots of people thought that a cute puppy dog in a shopping mall window or pet store was just that, cute innocent free and ready to take home with everyone happy and no problems at all.

But what I didn't know was how that beautiful puppy came to be there in the first place.

As with so many things in life, things are often deliberately hidden or tried to be kept as quiet as possible as so not to get people to interfere with injustices perpetrated against both animals and people. Puppy Mills are one of those things.

Puppy Mills are facilities where dogs are specifically used to breed 'puppies' for that pet shop window where thy look so cute innocent and sweet, which they very much are. As pointed out and shown in this video, dogs are completely and unforgivably subjected to horrible conditions, unacceptable living conditions, and just horrific and disgusting treatment to keep pet store owners and individual dog sellers in business.

Just as Charlize says in this video, for every dog purchased from a pet store that has unfortunately and most likely come from a Puppy Mill, there's a beautiful dog just waiting with time desperately ticking away in an a adoption centre; who all it wants, is just to be loved by a kind caring family and be a loyal friend for life.

So please think twice about purchasing a new puppy dog from a pet store, and please consider adoption as the #1 option for a new wonderful beautiful and awesome dog for you family; and together we can help end these unforgivable crimes and make the world a better place for both animals and people.

Please visit www.stoppuppymills.org for more information

This video was uploaded with permission from PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Thank You


when stressed hits.....

First, I was planning on just getting the SKIN79 Hologram pearl gold compact, but softpeachy was out. As you know, Ill be going back home to NY and my compact was running kinda low, I figured HECK why not get a couple more just to stock up for summer as well as for my trip to TW in August. As I was looking around, yes...looking as in browsing, an image floated in my mind, triggering it humming...'try skinfood...try skinfood'. So what did dear Meo do? Began going on youtube.com searching for the TW show that introduced Skinfood makeup...getting on forums to read whats good and whats not. My conclusion after that is, since my skin type differs in winter and in summer, i figured ill try all three of them to see which suits me better for which seasons...smart thinking aye?? Yep...gotta have all three, i can always mix it up and use it together right? All these 3 diff bb cream has its own functions, however one doesnt have SPF in it...I have yet to try these on my face...will update!

OOo..yes the compact...so then, back to browsing for my compact...gosh dang it...they didnt have Skin79 hologram anymore....ERGHHHHHH....so i tot...
so, my other find was this, and it worked just like the hologram gold as it has crushed pearls in the compact, giving a dewy look as well as a very soft texture...so in love with it...it works PERFECT as a finishing product as it brightens up my skin giving a healthy complexion as shown in previous posts.

For some reason, I am in love with any makeup that contains crushed pearls...so I treated myself with this as well...figured..HECK why not...THEY are delivering the other stuff, one more wont hurt much. I tested this on my hand and it glides on really smoothly and gives a dewy finish...totally recommend!!!

Of course, all that damage did come with a lot of samples...when i mean alot i mean ALOT! I didnt even finish the other samples i got from the last order....
Most of the samples were SKINFOOD and a couple were BRTC, I am totally taking BRTC outta my mind...SCINIC, the FACE shop, MISSHAshiny works the best for NC15 skin tones (n skinfood in light)

Ill be posting pics of the whole early birthday presentS to self very soon.

P/S: my dad told me that he got me a new camera and a new watch for my bday which is in 15 days...cant wait to see him, my mom n sis this friday!!! YAY!

ergh..finals on thursday....


chill pill

went out to chill for 1 3/4 hrs...nothing TOO crazy though.

makeup used: The Face Shop foundation, MAC eyeliner, RIMMEL metallic eyeliner for smudging, Diamond lavender Loreal Eyeshadow, RIMMEL maxlash mascara, LORAC blush, Skin79 Hologram pearl gold compact


Introducing.....even cuter....F.I.N.N

Here's my new found love!!! Finn will be 6 mths old May 20th...he's the cutest lil baby...well in my eyes...He's learning some karate moves. He's farts are SBD, and loud too! He's starting to eat some baby food and so far I'm guessing he likes peas, prunes, carrots, sweet potatoe, not so much bananas though but loves pears. He also likes juice alot...
Hopefully Ill get to get more pics with him and show you guys what he's been learning, such as stuffing both his fists in his mouth....ehhe...

*excuse my messy hair...Finn's been yanking on it...



Introducing OLIVE, our baby...a maltese, goin on 2 on the 23rd of May. She weighs a lil less than 9 lbs. She had a haircut, nice and short just in time for summer. The warm summer. I like her with short hair alot better, its so difficult to comb out all her matte hair when it gets toooooo outta hand.

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