BB cream...Unwell

Woke up yesterday morning with aa sore throat. This morning it's even worse, sore and dry, probably swollen too.

Tel was nice enough to pick up the box of BB cream for me at the post office. He said it's better if I stayed home, cause the weather is just dreadful.
He said that the box was slightly ripped off. Hopefully everything in the box is still intacted,, and nothing is missing. Cant wait to use those bb cream for the first time starting tomorrow.

Just looked at the schedule for summer classes, will be registering for 2-3 classes as classes start 6.2 till 7.25 which fits perfectly since my Taiwan trip would be that weekend for 2 weeks. Also found out that classes are only Mondays and Wednesdays YAY!! BUT...the con is classes start at 8am....WT...which means I'll have to wake up at 630....sigh...oh well...i rather do that than go every day or every other day.

Quiz this Thursday and test next Tuesday...man...I WANT MY SORE THROAT TO GO AWAY!

*cant drink honey lemon cause I'm allergic to lemon due to my asthma....

**I aint mad at you. Just that '家醜不得外傳‘; blogs are being posted online which means EVERYBODY will guess that be it me or somebody else. There's no privacy if things are being posted online. Free speech ya know?
But, afterall I aint mad at you la...small matter, no biggie...❤love ya my friend!! ❤


Ethereal Prey said...

hey! we all <3 cupcakes! i have a cupcake book that makes banana peanut cupcakes that suggests mashing the bananas and mixing it with the batter so its not mushy slices in there and blends with the batter...I'm trying to make my own frosting, cause the ones in the stores are loaded with trans fat and other bad stuff. usually cake mixes give you a recipe on how to make your own frosting. :)

Bliss said...

Get well soon dear, eat loadsa strepsils extra strength thats what work for me, can't wait to read abt yr reviews on BB cream :)

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