Snowed in

Saturday's date was awesome! We watched "Meet the Spartans", I wouldnt recommend anyone to pay full price for this movie; maybe at a dollar theatre. Dinner was awesome, YUMS!!!
The party was fun too, was really exhausted though, guess that's because I havent been out in a long time since school started.
On Sunday, I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods with Tel, we simply couldnt resist the gelato...YUMMY, my fav....*slurps*
We've both decided to go to Taiwan for vaca end of July for 2 weeks!! YAY!!! School's been pretty busy, exams coming up this week as well as beginning of next week.
The flight's gonna suck though for sure...I guess I'll be taking summer classes since I wont be leaving till the end of July. I cant wait...shopping...and eating!!! I cant wait to stock up on make up imported from Japan especially, hopefully they have BB creams and facial creams suitable for Asian skin. I think I need to come up with a list on what I want so I can start saving.


alien man?! said...

Great pictures! I hope you have tons of fun in Taiwan. I also hope you show us what BB creams you got :)

I do have a couple of Rimmel nail polishes but they seemed too thick for me and I had a hard time getting a smooth layer on. I'm so unpracticed, though. Maybe when I'm better at this, I'll try again haha.

On the picture, I guess the moons and stars seem pretty decent, but in reality, they're VERY cheesy and clumsy-looking because I tried to draw them by hand using the blunt-ended brushes that come in the bottles! LOL!!

alien man?! said...

Nope, never been to Taiwan, although I'm sure it's an amazing country to check out. So, I hope you take lots of pictures and share them here with us! As for your flattering angle, well, they all look good so haha it's up to you to choose, I guess ;)

Bliss said...

I wanted to see meet the spartan,so you are saying its not a good movie rite?, ooo you so lucky you going to Taiwan heheh, show us your haul went you come back :)

Vanessa said...

You have pretty eyes!

Meo said...

Vanessa, Thanks for your compliment!! I was trying this new thing I watched on a Taiwan variety show on 'how to make your eyes appear bigger', maybe that's why it looks good...Make up does wonders!!!

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