Been studying hard for my bio exam which is tomorrow!!! eeeeeks!!!!!!!
Weather's been soooooo nasty, wind chill today is 1F...ya doesnt help if its really windy at all.
Buying my ticket to Taiwan tomorrow!!! Aug 2nd till Aug 17th...TW HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

Still deciding on how much Ill be bringing...hm...shopping, eating...more eating...more shopping...

I am kinda worried that I cant get to look around much...sigh..hopefully that'll be the case...cos the point of me going back really is to see what Tel's hometown is like...isnt really considered his hometown though cos he has only lived there for 12 yrs? 6 yrs at Central America and going on 7 yrs here in the States...He doesnt really know much about those 'must sees' in TW...
I am more of a look around and explore person, isnt that the point of travelling?

Definately moving in May, doesnt seem like he wants to...Cos he hates moving....I am planning on paying some dudes to move all the stuff....this includes unloading too...all ill have to worry about is renting a truck....that's my plan...we'll see if that'll work out. I am looking out for an apt, preferably a house with 2 bedroom HOPEFULLY with a garage with all wooden floors. AND a nice modern kitchen...none of that white cabinet with wooden trim bullshit and cheaparse looking metal sinks! (*no offence to those who have that, just not my taste PLUS i dont want to have that COLLEGE feel cos I AM WAY OVER THAT) My likings include ganite counter tops, nice stove, no white fridge...spacey kitchen!!

Anyhoo...back to work...wish me luck guys!!! and STAY WARM....for those staying in the WEST COAST!!! send me ur warmth aight?!!!


Fei said...

Good luck on that exam! At least the cold weather isn't distracting you from your studies. When it's sunny outside I just don't feel like hitting the books!

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