BB review and update!!

Sorry for MIA for these few days, THANK YOU Bliss for your concern!! Yes i am feeling a tad better but still uber miserable with my sore throat and stuffy nose.

Anyhoo, I thought Tel really didnt bother to get me anything for V-day, BUT surprisingly, he came home Friday after work with a rose. I am not that kind of girl that expects a dozen roses, I only care about his thought. I LOVE HIM to the bits...*hah.getting mushy there*

So I've received my BB cream on Tuesday, and I also have a dozen if not more of FREE SAMPLES!!! YES free samples!!!
This includes:

Sweet Potato Tinted Balm
Lime Secret Shine Base (2X)
White Grape Fresh Base
White Grape Fresh Foundation
Potiron au Lait Cream

Self Control Peeling Massage
Night Revolution Perfect Master (I've used this, would recommend. Has a nice scent, leaves face smooth and clear)

Perfect V Shaper (3X) (this values for $21 for 5, and I received 3)

Lemon Peel Serum
Glossy BB (3X)
Caviar gold BB
Magic BB
Super Magic BB

The products I purchased were: BRTC Perfect Recover Balm + Blemish Concealer , Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Triple Function Oil-Free , Skin79 Hologram Pearl Gold Compact Powder, HANSKIN Magic Glossy BB cream, BRTC whitening Compact.

I've tried all the products on my hand as well as my face where my blemishes are just to test the coverage.
BRTC concealer gives full coverage without a doubt, it doesnt dry out and is very easy to blend and managable. BRTC balm is also very blendable and gives full coverage without looking too cakey. It matched my skintone prefectly, looked flawless. (I have a NC15 tone) On top of that, I used BRTC compact, which is a very very fine powder that sets my makeup giving it flawless finishing touch. Afterwhich, I used Skin79 Hologram Pearl Compact, as BRTC products gave me a matte look, thus using the powder itself which has little specks of pearl looking powder, giving me very natural glow, not dramatic at all. After 9 hours, no sign of oil or melting of my makeup nor did I have to touch up in between.

Hanskin Magic Glossy cream, on the other hand gives little-medium coverage. It is very dewy for those who have flawless skin and would like to achieve a dewy look, this is definately the product. This also matched my skintone perfectly, very easy to apply, not oily at all.

Skin79 Super, what I've heard is this is more of a summer product as it controls sweat and oil better. I did give it a try, and it also gives me med-full coverage. Very blendable and this product is a lil different that BRTC bb cream, it's more to the dewy glowy side than matte. (I would give another review as I've only used this once)

So after about 5 days of application, it definately lightening my skin as well as my blemishes. After I washed my face, it leaves my skin to be 'springie' and very smooth. It definately tightened my pores. So far no new breakouts!!!

I hope this helps, I'll keep updating every week about my skin with prolonged usage of bb creams!
(Ill post pics probably next wk as itll show a better outcome)


Bliss said...

THats a great BB cream haul, i am so jealous hehehhe. Glad to hear its working wonders for you :).

nathalie said...

so what should i use with BRTC Perfect Blemish Concealer ? can it be used alone?

Anonymous said...

great info :)
where did you get the BB cream?

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