Can't wait till SATURDAY!!!!!!

Woke up at 4am this morning, cant fall back to sleep...so freakin sleepy now. I WOULD very much like to take a nap, but I gotta go get Tel in a lil bit. ERGH...

Went to Barnes and Noble after lab to read some books. Found a book "It's (mostly) his fault" by Robert Mark Alter. Its a book for women who are fed up and the men who love them. Basically its about the making of a good husband.

If you're a man, this book will give you;
- a wife who adores you
- an end to her nagging
- less anger
- ways to improve commnication with your wife

If you're a woman, this book will give you;
- the marriage you've always dreamed of
- a husband you don't have to nag
- a happier, less angry husband
- a man you can talk to - your husband!
- a husband you'll actually want to make love to

I've only managed to read through the first 20 or so pages. This book was originally priced at $22.95, now at a bargain price of $5.98. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT????

Weather yesterday was 8F with a windchill of -45F...bbbbbbrrrrrrrrr

Ill be back later...realllllllllllly starting to doze off.


psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hey Meo, thanks for the book recommendation! LOL, I love reading these kinda self-help books although I rarely follow their advice. I did check out Vichy for their foundations but unfortunately, I don't think Vichy offers their foundations here in Canada (or maybe just Vancouver...) I'm trying a NARS one now that is working so far. But I'll definitely keep an eye out for Vichy.

Incandescent said...

lol @ book. self help books are my guilty pleasure, especially weird ones. I check them out from the library or buy them at the bookstore, and the cashier/librarian always gives me a weird look >.> that book sounds cute LOL

wow I've never experienced weather like that here. it NEVER gets nearly that cold in socal

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