I am pretty excited about my date tomorrow...our ANNIVERSARY!!!!! YAY! After that, there'll be a limo picking us up to go to SokHo...heard its a pretty huge party over 2000 people!! My schedule is pretty packed tomorrow...lunch, shopping, movie, dinner, PARTAY!!

Was kinda bored today from all that studying, so I decided to watch that Taiwanese variety show on how to apply make up. Its a pretty good show cause they show various girls with different eye shapes and such. And the make up is done by professional make up artists. They give pretty good tips and instructions on how to use make up according to your facial features to enhance them to the fullest.

I found one episode that really suits me, so I gave it a shot in the afternoon and WALA...that's the make up I'll be using tomorrow for my date! Ill remember to bring my camera and take some shots on what I'll be wearing.




Fei said...

How sweet! I hope you have a terrific time! Share pics!!

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