hair color

After looking at Koomsies.blogspot i decided to color my hair. I was kinda debating on going over to my friend's salon to get it done, but couldnt really find the time to. Therefore, I decided to grab a box off the shelf at the drugstore, I chose Garnier Nutrisse #60 Acorn light brown. I dont really know how this will turn out, and I am pretty excited to see the outcome. I think I will be leaving it longer than 25 mins, so itll turn out a tad lighter.
I feel pretty good bout saving myself 80 bucks, normally I dont get much luck at the salon getting my hair colored....

Oh yea, on the place i looked at...it didnt turn out to what i expected....sigh...really disappointed. It was kinda old and i didnt really like the kitchen AT ALL...Ill be lookin at some other ones tomorrow or sometime this week...the photos show stainless steel kitchen...I LIKE!!! I cant wait to start making curtains for my new place...a brand new place...brand new start!!! YAY


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