Geez...peer pressure

ERhm...hm...gotta give my thanks to FEI for introducing all those good buys @ sasa.com. I DID managed to spend more than 75 bucks to be qualified for the free shipping, was kinda hoping for a couple free samples, but I guess I am only eligible for ONE...geezz...

Total damage under the influence of FEI:
- 2 DEJAVU FIBERWIG 3D Mascara $12.60
- normally this is $22 at Sephora, cheaper by 10 bucks HELL YA!

- DEJAVU FIBERWIG Tiny Sniper $10.10
- the brush is angled to reach those stubborn hard to reach lashes

- Kanebo KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow in GD-1 $14.80
- this is a good buy compared to going to a counter to purchase it, and its a very good brand for Asians

- SCINIC Fine Control BB Cream (50 ml) $21.70
- the review on this seems pretty tempting although its an unknown brand to me, its worth a try for that price

- Koji Accent Curler $2.80
- this gives a very natural curl compared to the normal 'L' curl

- Ikemoto Hair Esthetic Folding Brush $2.30
- this is my travel brush
- Ikemoto Hair Esthetic Men's Comb $2.30
- this is for Tel


Fei said...

ROFL. Aw, I should be a sales lady. ;) Do a review... on them all!

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