YES!!!! Tel and I paid our deposit for our new place!!!! Its a one bedroom with a sunroom. It looks soooooooooo gorgeous, I cant wait to sit in the sunroom reading a book or something. Its only 825 sq ft, a pretty good size for both of us and the dogs. There's a deck that leads to the shared courtyard, which is PERFECT for the dogs. The kitchen is a good size for me to do my cooking, the combo washer/dryer is also located in the kitchen. The cabinets in the kitchen is dark cherry wood with stainless steel modern handles. The wall by the sink is also stainless steel, the countertops are granite, and off the end is a table where you can use your computer or have your meals. The flooring in the living room as well as kitchen is a dark cherry brown color. there's alot of window, thus the whole place is very bright and full of sunshine. The bedroom is not too small nor too big, just right for the bed, the side table as well as my desk. Tel and I will have to work around with the closet space as its kinda small. I am planning on getting a 6 drawer dresser for my t shirts and maybe jeans although I prefer my jeans to be hung.
I might also need a shoe cabinet for my close to 100 pairs of shoes and boots. EKS...I need to face the reality and stop eyeing on more shoes. Right outside the bedroom, there's a built in shelf, perfect for Tel's scrapbooks and other of his stuff. Because there's so much space in that shelf, I am debating on storing some of my clothes...still thinking about it. Across the bedroom is the bathroom, there's actually 3 flights of steps going up to the bathroom, so pray hard that nobody gets too wasted to prevent from trippin over em steps. The bathroom is sooooo modern, I love the frosted glass that allows natural light to shine in, like I've said i am planning on drawing some stuff on it.
I am just soooo excited to move!!! Our move-in date is the 2nd week of April, I kinda want to move earlier like the 12th...since 15th is a Tuesday...i just cant wait!!! Although thinking about packing and moving all our crap is gonna SUCK!!!

I bought another box of hair dye...GARNIER 100%; it definately brighten my natural color and also the color I had on 2 days ago. I am also trying this new hair product, NEXXUS straighten spray. It is said by ALLURE magazine that prolonged usage will straighten the hair permanately. The spray actually smells like cocoa butter...and is very light, thus it doesnt weigh down the hair. Ill update in a few weeks about this product.


Bliss said...

Oooo your new house sounds lovely show us pics of your new house and also yr new hair hehehh :)

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