Tel and I will be looking at another place tomorrow after work. Hopefully THIS place will turn out perfect for both of us.Its a one bedroom with sunroom, and the kitchen has STAINLESS STEEL appliances with granite countertops, it also comes with washer/dryer combo!! There's also a private entry that leads to the courtyard which is perfect for us to let the dogs out and stuff...Its only 824 sq ft...small but I figured that's easier to keep clean.
I also like the bathroom alot, there's a big frosted glass wall that lets all the sun shine in...i plan to draw some design on it with an eraserable marker...just to make it unique....i am hoping the landlord will let me rip the carpet off the bedroom....that is if the floor underneath the carpet is wood or something...*cross fingers*
I dont know if she'll sign the lease for May 1st or April 1st...even if its April 1st, Ill move there in a hearbeat...kekekk..which means when I come back on the 22nd, Ill have to start packing. really cant wait to get out of this place i'm living at right now
I cant wait to go see it!!!!

Was gonna go to the store to pick up my prescription as well as another box of hair color...Garnier 100% as BLISS recommended...but kinda tied up at home now...i guess ill get that tomorrow and get it recolored tomorrow or something.....I
I have about 4 chapters to study for my test next week before SPRING BREAK!! Hopefully my package from SASA will arrive soon enough before I leave.

Things to get done before going home:
- developmental psych UNIT 5 & 6 assignments
- BIO Chpt 10-15


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