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Exam today was aight...wasnt as confident as the last exam, BUT not as bad as I thought it would be. Just received an email regarding my Sasa.com purchase, they are unfortunately out of KATE eyeshadow...MAN, i was excited bout that especially. Also, they are finally sending out my package, and itll take 7-14 business days...how SLOW!
Moving next Saturday!! YAY!!! the thought bout packing and unpacking just drives me nuts.
Today, went out and about with Ann-O and lil Finn, found yoga pants from Lady foot locker for 6 BUCKS....hell ya...they were on sale..70 percent off...the yoga pants are for my sis actually..went to OLD NAVY and splurged on some 3/4 sleeves cardigan in black and another in green, tube top, 3 pairs of flip-flops, a pair of pj pants...they were ON SALE!!!

The NY flight back was bad but not as bad as I thought. Slight delay getting out of NY (that's not unheard of), almost missed my connecting flight. Spent Easter Sunday recovering from the long-arse flight and studying for my exam...I HATE EXAMS AFTER A BREAK!!!

St. paddy's day was erhm....fun!?!?! I was way drunk and shouldnt be...I guess downing a bottle of white wine together with Sake bombs and other shots in 2 hrs is a NO NO....I was also playing those 15/20 game with this one friend, singing Karaoke to start of...passed out in the end...My sis and 2 other friends had to carry me...and mind you, being 5'8 on 3" heels (which makes me a giant among my friends) doesnt make it any easier for them to carry me...THE REST IS HISTORY!!!

I promise to post pics hopefully tomorrow...needa do that with another lappie of mine...

So far the FACE SHOP bb cream works PERFECT for me...its clearing my blemishes faster than BRTC....why? I dont know. I thought BRTC would work better...hmm....i guess ill have to post pics of the FACE SHOP and BRTC bb cream on my face so you can see the difference. Stay tune for that ok? bare with me guys...one more exam this friday!!!

Yes I flew Delta and UA...dont really have a fav airline...BUT i find UA seats more spacious than Delta...


lilbebe said...

delta always delay my flights..ughh..but it's cheap, so i have to use it again for my trip in may. =P

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