Sheesh...its been a while aye? LOTSA updates!!!
Was back home at NY for 2 wks, not much shopping, but we did do tons of antiques and furniture shopping which was a lotta fun. I managed to pick on of the furnitures for the new place...HAH!
Spent my birthday with my family, we ate at a brazilian restaurant a different one this time, not as good as the first one we went too.

I've been using the bb cream MISSHA shiny since I received it. I see a huge difference in my skin since i've been using bb cream makeup. SCINIC, MISSHA and THE FACE SHOP feels really light on my face, just like i have no makeup on. Even my mom thought i didnt have makeup on. When taking pictures, definitely no two tone differences on my face and neck. Have you guys picked up bb creams today???

New school semester = new phone!! LG EnV

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Also, my dad gave me a new camera and a new watch...

Once i figure out how to upload pics from my camera to the mac, Ill definitely post pics of my bag collection. U girls would be amazed on how addicted i am....hehehe


ilurvemakeup said...

Belated Happy Burfday!!! I envy your gifts! :)

Fei said...

Happy birthday!

You have the Faerie bag! It's very cute and very different, although it never stole my heart. Modeling pics!

Anonymous said...

wait lol you bought two new bags?! lucky! omg. I can't wait to see your whole collection then

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