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Been trying to follow the trend...CIRCLE lens!!! I think the one I have is DALI BROWN, it matched my natural brown color perfectly! My friends cant even tell.
I think there is a sale going on at circlelens2u.com. I am reserving my dough to purchase them at Taiwan. I heard I can get them with astigmatism prescribed ones at a cheaper price no doubt. Whooo I cant wait! I would be more than happy to help any US bloggers out there to get them at a cheaper price compared to the website. Leave me a msg and we can work something out. Please keep in mind that I am going to Taiwan August 2nd till 16th, so it wont be mailed out till after 16th.

I will be taking my GRE tomorrow at noon....FUG!!! I hope I get a good score so I dont have to retake it for the score I want. Shiettt! Wish me luck girls....


Anonymous said...

http://sglenses.blogspot.com/ - I ordered mine from here. I'm hoping to be able to place an order for batch 12 as well. SO MANY LOVELY CONTACTS!

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