Countdown to Spring Break

I am counting down to Spring Break, because I want to visit my sister again! Miss her since our vaca at BJ during the winter break. I'll be living in her new bought condo, so happy that she finally found her dream house. I can't wait to help her decorate her place or do antique hunting with her. Especially helping her bargain for great deals is also fun.
School's been pretty busy for these 2 wks, so is Mr. T. He's been busy with projects and more projects. He's recently received a raise, after A LONG time...I am happy for him cause he's been waiting.

It snowed today for another inch or two. Weather's been pretty nasty, and driving to school SUCKS! Mr. T has been driving and picking me up from school during snowy days. He's such a doll. I love him!

Feb 4th is our anniversary and his birthday is 3 wks after that. So I dont really know if I should get 2 gifts or just one big one. I've been getting him whatever he wants even when its not any special occasion. He's spoiled, so spoiled. Still I love him!

Can't wait till the weekend; just because I want to sleep in. I do have alot of homework to do though. YIKES!


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