Incoco Dry Nail Applique

I've tried Avon dry nail applique, and I must say Incoco does a better job. They even have DIY French Manicure, which I LOVE because acrylic nails really ruin my natural nails. They even have it in black color!!! You know how applying black on your nails the old fashion way is somewhat messy.
The one I bought from Walgreens was the French Manicure in First Love. It came with 2 sets of applique and the whole deal came up to $5.99, that's less than 6 bucks!!!! It only took me less than 10 mins to do all my nails, it is really easy to apply and is not a tad bit messy. I also applied a top coat for the extra shine. I've had it on for more than a week now, and there are not signs of chipping.
Overall I give this product 10/10!!
I cant wait till I go and grab a couple more just in case it gets sold out...


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