In response to FEI's comment, check this out this is one of the sandals I got with a 10% discount...came out to be a lil under 35 bucks..not back for a pair of sandals aye?
What I like about this sandals is the zipper that is at the back of the ankle...easy for traveling when u have to go through security...u hear me? Compared to the other sandals i bought with at least 2 buckles i have to release before actually taking off my sandals is NOT an easy job to do when going through busy security checkpoint as well as shopping for other shoes.

been busy preping for finals...will load pics when i have time to even take a dump. bare with me laydees.


Fei said...

Nice. I've actually been shopping JUST for sandals all morning because of you!

ilurvemakeup said...

Thanks for visiting my page :) I have friend who has a cat and we've tried dressing her up, but she stiffed up then took it off lol There are dogs that I know who don't like to wear apparel either. Some animals love being bare while others like Enzil love when I spend money on him lol

I don't think I've ever spendt more than $25 on sandals. I usually prefer my sandals compfy and not too flashy either. That's the only good thing I like about summer lol Other than that I prefer boots > sandals :O :)

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