Hey gurls....i apologize for not posting the pics early or as promised.
I've been so busy moving out from my old place and preparing for my finals. There is a cantonese saying "dek han sey, ng dek han ban" meaning, 'if i am free, i'd rather die than be sick' something like that.
Basically Ill have to move out by next friday and be ready for check out which I cant wait.
I was gonna take a picture of my makeup today, but I used THE FACE SHOP bb cream instead of the SCINIC. Ill post dem pics ASAP....lets say within a couple days or so.
Ill be going home to NY on May 16th...I've coordinated with my parents, so I'll be meeting them at the terminal so we can go home together. I cant wait to see them. I bet my mom will be sooooo pumped when she sees my makeup, cos using those bb creams definately looks very natural and flawless, so i cant wait!
Also found some good deals on sandals...gladiator YAY!!
For those who shop at UrbanOutfitters.com, here's a coupon code for 10% off entire order> PICKAWINNER
There are a couple sandals that are a good buy.
FUG> on that note, I just remember than I have to move all my shoes to my new place tomorrow as well....totally forgot about those babies...i feel tired already thinking bout cleaning out that place. Itll be great it I am Sabrina the teenage witch so I can do everything with a snap of a finger.


lilbebe said...

I couldn't find any BB cream on sasa.com...am I blind?

Fei said...

MMMMM... I've been searching for new sandals for this summer! The gladiator style is perfect for this season! XD

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