So I'm back, been sooooo busy for the past week. The night before moving, I fell sick down with a terrible flu. Being sick means not being able to move much, I tried for the first 2.5 hrs and I felt so light headed that I had to sit even once in a while. So I gave up moving and Tel moved most the stuff after his friend who helped left.
All the boxes that were brought over from the old place were pretty much unpacked, now whats left in the craphole is my hanging clothes and shoes...and other lil bits and pieces of stuff. Me and tel would probably need to go back on Sunday or someething to finish up so we can start cleaning.
I am very pleased with the new place, big enough for both of us yet managable. It's very cosy too, and boy I LOVE THE KITCHEN. I promise Ill post pics of my place once I get my desk set up.

My SASA.com order is finally here!!! It arrived last week, but being sick just kinda threw me off not wanting to do shiat. I am trying to get back on track as I have a major exam next week, so there goes my weekend.


Anonymous said...

what is that oreo stuff?

Anonymous said...

lol ahhh shoulda scrolled down xP

Bliss said...

Get well soon, and good luck for your exams next week, nice to know that you have settled down :D.

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