after reading the comments i got from lilbebe, i did some research and saw that SCINIC bb cream costs twice as much at evecare.com compared to sasa.com, even at amazon.com it costs twice as much...DANG! its such a good beginner bb cream that i totally recommend to all the girls out there that want to give bb cream a shot. Remember how I was biatching bout my blemishes on my face a couple months back, now my confidence is back....SCINIC and THE FACE SHOP bb cream did its job! I rather spend the money on those 2 bb creams than BRTC frankly speaking.
I also recommend SKIN79 hologram pearl compact SPF 30 together with the bb cream....and TADA! flawless face....even after 9 hours being out in the sun. When i mean flawless i mean, no melting of makeup...ur face will still look as smooth as if there's no makeup on.
I guess Ill use SCINIC bb cream and SKIN79 compact again and again. I still have THE FACE SHOP and SCINIC bb creams left, maybe ill stock up next month or so, together with the SKIN79 compact.


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