Sasa.com order

Remember how I mentioned in my previous blog bout my purchase from sasa.com, well I got a chance to try out the Scinic BB cream (the one and only one they were selling), and it turned out to be FABU!!!! I LIKEY!!!!
Although it is not a huge brand, actually its pretty much unheard of, it's as good as THE FACE SHOP BB cream.
I am off the BRTC bb cream as it has a darker tone than THE FACE SHOP or Scinic. My skin is absorbing THe FACE SHOP and Scinic better, in fact, my akin is improving faster than if I were to use BRTC.
The consistency of Scinic is smooth and VERY easy to blend. It melted right into my skin without any flaws. By the end of the day, my makeup still stayed on without looking cakey or oily. Scinic and THE FACE SHOP matched my skin tone the best and I am a NC15 in MAC.
I am glad Scinic came in 50ml and for the price NOT BAD AT ALL!! I definately recommend this to everybody who wants to take a shot at using BB creams for the first time, wont go wrong!!!


Bliss said...

OOoo thats great to hear, you should show us how it looks on you :).

lilbebe said...

oh I was browsing through sasa.com the other day and was trying to find those popular bb cream, but I had no luck. I'll have to try this one now hehe. Thanks for letting us know. =) Can we see pictures?

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